Quality Health & Safety

Every project may be different, but the desired outcome is always the same: to move high-value machines from A to B without incident or delay.

To make sure we achieve this, every job begins with a thorough method statement and risk assessment. Not only does this allow us to adhere to the relevant health and safety requirements, but also gives our team the opportunity to problem-solve and develop unique solutions.

Our Risk Assessment Method Statements (RAMS) go above and beyond what is required from the law and enables us to approach every project with confidence and provide you with the peace of mind you need to trust us with your moving project.

All of our staff are well-versed in industry standard health and safety protocol and hold all the relevant licenses/ certificates to carry out the highly specific work they’ve been trained to do. We take health and safety seriously not just because we care about the people involved, but also because we believe that shortcuts end up slowing projects down in the long-run.