In a sector where wasted seconds cost millions, businesses in the aerospace industry also face stringent quality control and
increased safety requirements.

With every detail logged and recorded, there’s only one opportunity to do the job right and success lies with having the right people on board.

At Advance Machinery Installation, we have 25+ years of experience working quickly, safely and with discretion for aerospace industry leaders like Bombardier Shorts, Thompson Aero Seating and Collins Aerospace.

Our tight-knit team blends in with yours to deliver a world-class service, whether it’s relocating a machine on site, or moving an entire factory to the other side of the globe. Plus with in-house packing/crating abilities,warehousing options for the storage of machines, and all the equipment required at our disposal, we pride ourselves in providing a streamline turnkey moving experience. Every job starts with a thorough RAMS risk assessment and comprehensive insurance coverage to ensure we can deliver on what we promise safely and on time.

We also understand the importance of confidentiality when working with our aerospace clients and recognise that you trust us with access to areas and processes that require the utmost discretion. Naturally, all members of our team are willing and ready to sign any confidentiality agreements to give you confidence and peace of mind you need.

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Client Testimonials

We are proud to have worked with a selection of the UK and Ireland’s most successful organisations.