Forklift Truck Hire

When it comes to our forklift truck hire services, we like to give you options.

With a wide range of in-house machines, including low-roaders, forklifts and a versalift, we have the right piece of machinery available for your lifting and shifting project.

As part of our machine moving packages, trucks can be hired with or without drivers depending on what you need. All Advance Machinery Installation drivers are highly-trained, diligent and hold all the necessary licenses and qualifications for the skilled work they do.

Our forklift trucks for hire can comfortably handle loads ranging from 3 tonnes all the way up to 24, and our drivers have the skills and experience to manoeuvre loads with precision and care.

With over 25+ years in the industry, we have the track record needed to overcome unique challenges and provide solutions to solve your problems. Plus our bespoke, job-specific insurance for our drivers and machines provide you with peace of mind and confidence throughout the job.

To find out more or discuss your project, please call 028 9445 3428