Versalift Hire

We receive a lot of inquiries about our versalift hire service. With only two on the island of Ireland, these machines are often in high demand.

Our Versalift 40/60 model is capable of lifting up to 24 tonnes while still being incredibly mobile, allowing it to operate with greater precision and speed than a crane.

In many cases, versalifts can be used instead of cranes to speed jobs up and eliminate the need to dismantle a factory roof — saving time, money and hassle. At Advance Machinery Installation, we can supply a versalift for your moving project along with a licensed, experienced versalift driver to operate it.

All of our versalift services come with a full risk assessment and insurance coverage as standard, giving you peace of mind and confidence that we’ll do what needs to be done.

To find out more or discuss your project, please call 028 9445 3428