Specialist Resources

Alongside our in-house team, we have invested in a wide range of quality, fit-for-purpose equipment including forklifts, low loaders, cranes, transportation vehicles, tools and even a versalift – one of two machines in Ireland that can carry up to 24 tonnes.

Not only do we have this equipment on-hand, but also a team licensed and qualified to use it, allowing us to be the one-stop shop for your moving project. Having a large fleet of quality equipment gives us flexibility and freedom to dive into projects without waiting for sub-contractors or other firms.

We work quickly and safely to meet deadlines and deliver what’s required on-time.

Our resources are listed below:

Heavy Duty Lift Trucks


Hydraulic Lifting Gantries

Lorry Mounted Cranes

Mobile Elevating Work Platforms

Lifting Beams And Frames

Rigging Accessories